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direct current flow

Magnetization using the 4-pole method with direct current flow
(Testing & Demagnetization)

With the 4-pole method (see Figure 1) the test currents flow crosswise through the component in alternating directions. The DC pulses generated by the MT test device are passed into the component via test cables and magnetic poles (see Figure 3). Magnetic fields develop along the current paths. The leakages occurring at the cracks make for a clearly defined accumulation of magnetic particles and result in precise and clear crack images.

The 4-pole method is particularly suitable for magnetizing large-surface components (see Figure 2) and is used for both MT testing as well as demagnetization.

(Figure 1)
(Figure 2)
(Figure 3)

Measuring devices

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Measuring devices for pulse testing currents, pulse testing field and residual field strengths.

Mobile testing equipment

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Our mobile MT testing equipment enables the tester to test parts for surface cracks directly on-site, and to subsequently carry out demagnetization.

Stationary testing equipment

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Contactless testing and demagnetization of parts on the test surface.


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Useful accessories for our testing equipment and measuring technology, directly from us.