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DC-pulse technology

Magnetization using DC pulse technology
Extremely strong current pulses are generated by means of capacitor discharge for just a few milliseconds. The DC pulses generate magnetic field pulses in the steel components being tested and these magnetic fluxes leak from the area of the surface flaws, e.g. cracks. The iron oxide particles in the test medium are strongly attracted to these leak pulses, thus accumulating around the leaks and becoming visible under UV light.

The advantages for the user are:

  • extremely sharp and clear crack images
  • rapid MT test results after approx. 3 seconds
  • compact, light equipment and easy operation despite high level of performance
  • low energy consumption, low operating costs
  • simple component handling, no component clamping necessary

Demagnetization with direct current pulsing

Using direct current pulsing of decreasing intensity and changing polarity it is possible to successfully demagnetize steel parts on a permanent basis.

(Figure 1) Current and field strength course of a direct current pulse with capacitor discharge

Measuring devices

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Measuring devices for pulse testing currents, pulse testing field and residual field strengths.

Mobile testing equipment

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Our mobile MT testing equipment enables the tester to test parts for surface cracks directly on-site, and to subsequently carry out demagnetization.

Stationary testing equipment

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Contactless testing and demagnetization of parts on the test surface.


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Useful accessories for our testing equipment and measuring technology, directly from us.