Faster MT testing ensuring clear crack indications – free of false indications
Quick and economical contact-free MT testing and demagnetization of gear wheels with diameters of up to 13 m
Workload: 80 hours of MT testing using hand yoke
4 hours of MT testing, including demagnetization, using Multipuls device
Permanent demagnetization of large, heavy, and complex components

About us

Your Specialist for MT Particle Testing and Demagnetization of Steel Components

The distribution and advanced development of MT crack testing and demagnetization devices as well as providing the related services are the primary objectives of HPT Hirsch Prüftechnik GmbH. The focus lies on magnetic particle testing (MT testing), the demagnetization of steel components, and simplified, improved procedures thereof.

HPT Hirsch Prüftechnik GmbH offers a unique range of services geared towards surface crack testing within the scope of magnetic particle testing, demagnetization, and repair welding.

From 1980 to 1989, founder and executive manager Dr.-Ing. Peter Hirsch worked in the field of research and development within submarine construction. He quickly recognized the many challenges which his colleagues faced during the MT testing of welded constructions inside the submarine sections. Driven by the demand for the quick and economical testing of large welding seam sections, he developed DC pulse based MT testing. DC pulse based MT testing devices, even with their compact and mobile construction design, facilitate the testing of large surfaces.

In February of 2006, HPT Hirsch Prüftechnik GmbH received the first Inventors’ Award of Rhineland-Palatinate 2006 from the Investment and Structure Bank of Rhineland-Palatinate.
Dr.-Ing. Peter Hirsch developed the DC and AC current pulse technology for MT testing and demagnetization of steel components; he is the inventor as well as the owner of this patented technology.

The majority of customers are based in European countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, etc. However, the patented pulse current technology has garnered international attention due to its ability to not only save time and energy, but to also improve the safety of the employees compared to conventional technologies. HPT Hirsch Prüftechnik has worked with satisfied customers from Mexico, Argentina, and China.

For decades, our patented technologies have been facilitating good results for MT testing and permanent demagnetization of steel components.

 Dr.-Ing. Peter Hirsch

Dr.-Ing. Peter Hirsch

Managing Director

„For decades, our patented technologies have enabled good results in MT testing and permanent demagnetization of steel components.“

– Dr.-Ing. Peter Hirsch –


What We Stand For

We will provide you with competent and professional service, using modern, patented technologies. These technologies allow for novel and individual solutions in testing facility construction. We are able, for example, to conduct contact-free magnetic particle testing on steel components weighing several tons.
We provide consulting, testing, maintenance, and repair and offer a wide range of MT testing and demagnetization devices which prove themselves daily across many different industrial sectors.

Our HPT Industry Solutions

Be it turbine construction, gear manufacturing, engine and mobile crane construction, galvanizing plants, offshore industry, aircraft industry, shipbuilding industry, or wind farm components; our unique DC pulse technology facilitates economical and fast surface crack testing and subsequent permanent demagnetization.



Surface Crack Testing/Magnetic Particle Testing

Surface Crack Testing/Magnetic Particle Testing is a process which visualizes cracks and material separation. This is achieved by inducing magnetic fields into the components and applying a test medium (e.g. fluorescent test medium which illuminates cracks under UV light).

Using this DC pulse technology, our devices ensure a high test output while requiring low installed power; significantly improved testing speed and compact construction design further make our MT testing devices stand out.

Demagnetization with DC Pulse Technology

HPT Hirsch Prüftechnik GmbH uses various methods of demagnetization: double coils, contact-free corner coil constructions, direct current flow, or a combination of these. The residual magnetic field strength of the component is continually dissipated through the decreasing intensity of the electric pulses.

Repair Welding

Any component made of cast material can be affected by damage through cavitation, surface cracks, intergranular corrosion, or production faults. This may lead to lengthy downtime and vast expenses on shipping and assembly.
In order to avoid this, we also offer repair welding. This covers specific technologies for restoration and repair welding of various cast materials and alloy steel. In combination, we use MT testing technology.

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