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Datasheets & videos

Clicking the links below opens the datasheets for reading and also for downloading.

File Size
MULTIPULS-1001-M.pdf 113.65 KB
MULTIPULS-1001-MP.pdf 99.1 KB
MULTIPULS-1002-UVL.pdf 205.77 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-C.pdf 294.62 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-C1.pdf 279.47 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-C2.pdf 276.48 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-C3.pdf 2.77 MB
MULTIPULS-1003-D.pdf 268.96 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-E.pdf 272.98 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-E1.pdf 268.49 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-E2.pdf 81.67 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-E2-1.pdf 106.87 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-E2-2.pdf 292.46 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-F.pdf 261.27 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-UV-LED.pdf 116.14 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-V.pdf 431.19 KB
MULTIPULS-1003-E3.pdf 1.68 MB

Video - Archiv 

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Measuring devices

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Measuring devices for pulse testing currents, pulse testing field and residual field strengths.

Mobile testing equipment

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Our mobile MT testing equipment enables the tester to test parts for surface cracks directly on-site, and to subsequently carry out demagnetization.

Stationary testing equipment

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Contactless testing and demagnetization of parts on the test surface.


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Useful accessories for our testing equipment and measuring technology, directly from us.