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Areas of application

The examples mentioned here are a range of parts that can be tested for surface cracks and demagnetized using HPT direct current pulsing technology:

Turbine construction: Housing, shafts, blades
Forgings: Rings, shafts, blades
Transmission construction: Housing, gearwheels, shafts
engine construction: Crank housing, cylinder heads, gearwheels, crank shafts, cam shafts, con rods
Mobile crane construction: Machine parts, steel parts, tubular masts
Large blower construction: Running blades, running wheels, bars, housing
Off-shore industry: Elevator to the left, hydraulic clamping jaws
Galvanising shops: Galvanised steel parts
Foundries: Fittings, turbine housing, running and guide blades
Aircraft construction: Undercarriage, forged parts
Hydropower plants: Rotor blades, Pelton runners
Shipbuilding: Submarine pressure chambers
Wind power plants: Bearing rings, sprockets with internal and external teeth, planet carriers

Measuring devices

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Measuring devices for pulse testing currents, pulse testing field and residual field strengths.

Mobile testing equipment

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Our mobile MT testing equipment enables the tester to test parts for surface cracks directly on-site, and to subsequently carry out demagnetization.

Stationary testing equipment

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Contactless testing and demagnetization of parts on the test surface.


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Useful accessories for our testing equipment and measuring technology, directly from us.