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HPT – Your specialist for crack testing and the demagnetization of steel components

Leading-edge technology

The HPT technology

With us, you will spot the smallest crack in every direction in a single test step - even with large test areas - through magnetic particle testing with direct current pulses.

Broad range of applications

The HPT industry solutions

HPT Hirsch MT testing equipment proves itself on a daily basis, in widely diverse industry sectors.

Our Services

About our services

MT testing and demagnetization of steel components.

Numerous application areas

The application areas

Use the HPT direct current pulse technology to test for surfaces cracks and perform demagnetization.

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Measuring devices

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Measuring devices for pulse testing currents, pulse testing field and residual field strengths.

Mobile testing equipment

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Our mobile MT testing equipment enables the tester to test parts for surface cracks directly on-site, and to subsequently carry out demagnetization.

Stationary testing equipment

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Contactless testing and demagnetization of parts on the test surface.


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Useful accessories for our testing equipment and measuring technology, directly from us.